Krauthammer on Iraq: 'Why in God's name we don't resupply our allies... is beyond me'

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Charles Krauthammer said Friday on "Special Report with Bret Baier," that it is "astonishing" to learn that the United States has not supplied the Kurds with weapons to hold back Islamic militants in Iraq.

"They're essentially using javelins and harpoons here," the syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said, "against the ISIS army, which has captured tons of sophisticated American weapons."

Krauthammer pointed to rearming Israel during its war with Egypt in 1973 as an example of how easy it would be to arm the pro-American Kurds.

“It’s not hard stuff to get in, it’s all sitting in our bases in Germany.” Krauthammer said. “You could send a plane today and it would be there in 18 hours.”

The reason, Krauthammer said, is that everything has to go through the Iraqi government, which has cut off all supplies to the Kurdish area since December of last year.

"Why in God's name we don't resupply, or supply our allies that can hold back ISIS is beyond me," Krauthammer said.