Jerry Springer: Trump and Bannon are in 'conflict' over the media

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TV show host Jerry Springer said Sunday there is a "conflict" in the White House between President Trump and his chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

In an interview with MSNBC's Joy Reid, Springer said Trump and the former Brietbart News executive are working towards different end games when it comes to the media. Bannon, he said, wants to delegitimize the press and create a white, Christian America. By contrast, Trump needs to see his name in print every day.

"The White House has a conflict. There is Bannon, and Bannon wants to delegitimize the mainstream media because he — Bannon wants to do away with the idea of a multicultural America and the institutions that protect a multicultural America other than the courts are the free media, the press. And the press is the one that goes after President Trump," Springer said. "So Bannon wants to delegitimatize so he's not going to give any space to the regular media."

Trump, he said, "can't exist unless his name is in print, whether it's Twitter, whether it's the tabloids. ... His view of what the media is, is the — either the tabloids or pop culture media, whether it's TMZ or whatever it is. He can relate to that."