It's 'Adoption Day' for the U.S.-Iran nuke deal

Both the U.S. and Iranian governments will take the first steps on Sunday to implement the nuclear deal reached earlier this year, though sanctions will still remain in effect until officials certify Iran has held up its end of the deal to stop its march toward producing a nuclear weapon.

The so-called "adoption day," or 90 days from when the United Nations Security Council passed the resolution, marks the day the U.S. will issue waivers to lift sanctions once the Iranians prove they have disabled their nuclear weapons facilities, a process which could take months, according to senior officials at the State Department.

Iran can also begin on that day to close down its centrifuges and its heavy water research reactor in Arak.

Once inspectors certify that Iran has adequately closed down its nuclear production facilities, some sanctions from the U.S. and other countries will be lifted, opening up the possibility for companies around the world to do business with Iran.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is eager to comply with the deal quickly to get sanctions lifted before his February election, Politico reported. Rouhani has said Iran could complete its part of the deal and see sanctions disappear as soon as one to two months from now, a timeline analysts say is not realistic. Their estimate is closer to six months, according to the Politico article.