FIRST ON FOX: An Iowa Republican running for state attorney general launched a new six-figure ad buy giving President Biden "the Bird."

Guthrie County Attorney Brenna Bird, the GOP candidate for Iowa’s attorney general, launched her new ad on Wednesday as the 2022 midterm general election fully kicks off.

"As a county attorney, I proudly stand for the rule of law and will do the same as Iowa’s Attorney General," Bird said in a press release exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital.


"The federal government is trampling on the Constitution and our freedoms, and it must stop. When I am elected Attorney General, I will protect Iowa from Biden’s radical policies," she continued.

The new ad — titled "Give ‘Em The Bird" — highlighted Bird’s career as "the tough-as-nails prosecutor criminals and liberals fear most" and how she will stand up to the Biden administration to guard Iowans’ liberties.

"As Attorney General, Brenna Bird will protect Iowa from Biden’s extreme agenda," the ad said as Iowans encouraged others to give Biden and liberals "the Bird."

President Joe Biden touts the unity of NATO during a press conference in Spain.

Iowa Attorney General candidate Brenna Bird's new ad encourages voters to give President Biden and liberals "the Bird." (Fox News )

"Bird will defend the rule of law and fight Biden’s immigration disaster," the ad said. "Brenna Bird will stand with law enforcement and always back the blue."

"I’m Brenna Bird, and I’ll give Joe Biden exactly what he deserves," Bird said at the end of the ad.

Bird’s ad will run across Iowa in multiple media markets following an injection of $1 million to her campaign by the Republican Attorneys General Association.

Brenna Bird

Republican candidate for Iowa attorney general Brenna Bird poses with her family at Iowa's State Fair. (Fox News Digital)

The six-figure ad buy comes as the GOP drops big numbers behind candidates, both statewide and national.

Iowa Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks dropped $2 million on an ad buy in her growing re-election dogfight earlier this month.


Miller-Meeks’ $2 million edged out her Democrat opponent Christina Bohannan’s $1.7 million ad buy earlier this month by $300,000. The seat is in a fairly red part of Iowa, but recent polls have shown the race as not a sure victory for the Republican, although it still leans in that direction.

Close races are far from outside Miller-Meeks’ wheelhouse, though — the Iowa Republican won her last election by a margin of just six votes, earning her the affectionate nickname "Landslide" from her House Republican colleagues.