Intern May Have Helped Save Giffords' Life

The intern who helped treat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot told Fox News on Sunday that the tragic shooting in Tucson shouldn't deter elected officials from serving the public. Daniel Hernandez, who had been helping with Giffords' public event on Saturday, helped treat Giffords by applying cloths to her wounds and keeping her upright until paramedics arrived.

"One of the things that I think we learned from yesterday is that she is a fighter," Hernandez said on America's News Headquarters. "A bullet can't stop Gabby and can't stop democracy. We need to make sure, going forward, the discourse in the country is just."

Hernandez, who told Fox he had trained to be a certified nursing assistant in high school, was able to use his triage knowledge to help Giffords and others who were wounded in her immediate vicinity. He said Giffords was conscious "the entire time" he was with her.

"She was very responsive to everything we were saying," Hernandez. "She communicated by grabbing our hands."

Several officials have credited Hernandez's actions with keeping Giffords alive until paramedics arrived. Herandez said he's known Giffords for years and helped out with her 2008 campaign, but had only begun his internship with the office five days before the shooting.