Inspector General to review State Department's record-keeping capabilities

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Inspector General Steve Linick is launching a new investigation of the State Department's ability to archive official documents, including employee emails.

Responding late Friday to a request from Secretary of State John Kerry, Linick said Kerry "recognizes the importance of information preservation, the need for the Department to be responsive to Freedom of Information Act and congressional requests for such information and the challenges presented by advances in information technology.

"We are now conducting preliminary work to determine the proper scope and methodology for a review of the department's ability to preserve information and respond to information requests, among other things," Linick said.

A spokesman for Kerry said his request was not a response to the continuing controversy over his predecessor's use of a private email and server to conduct official business. Hillary Clinton acknowledged in a March 10 news conference at the U.N. that she used the account and server, which is located at her private residence in New York, as a matter of "convenience."