Ingraham: Clintons' public service 'a devotion to self-aggrandizement'

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham questioned Bill and Hillary Clinton's commitment to public service on “Special Report with Bret Baier” Wednesday calling their time in office "a devotion to self-aggrandizement."

The latest controversy surfaced Wednesday for the Clintons, when it was revealed that the Clinton Foundation did not disclose 1100 foreign donors, contrary to the ethics agreement that Hillary Clinton signed with the Obama administration while secretary of state.

"It comes down to with the Clintons whether you can prove wrongdoing, whether you can prove intent, whether you have physical evidence or evidence of the smoking gun, of the quid pro quo," Ingraham said..

Ingraham said the Clintons went from having little money to earning over $200 million by giving a lot of speeches to enterprises seeking to benefit from the relationship and that will not bode well for her campaign as one that tries to lift up the middle class.

"In this case you have the appearance at the very least of deep, deep conflicts of interest, where the interest of America is put secondary in the interests of the Clintons and their future relationships with their foundation, and maybe even personal wealth gets in the front seat,” Ingraham said.

“That kills her reputation of being someone to fight for the little person."