Huelskamp: 'I'm still uncomfortable' with Paul Ryan

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., said Thursday morning that he's still not sold on Rep. Paul Ryan as the next House speaker, and said he and other House Freedom Caucus members are still anxious to learn how Ryan would change how the House is run.

"I'm still uncomfortable, still not for sure how Paul Ryan would run the institution differently from the current speaker," Huelskamp said on C-SPAN.

"How would he be different than John Boehner?" he asked. "The current leadership's been rejected by the American people and Republican voters, and we want some specifics."

Huelskamp stressed repeatedly that many conservative members are looking for rule changes that would empower rank-and-file members. In a Wednesday meeting, Ryan told House Freedom Caucus members that he's open to those sorts of changes, which Huelskamp said is encouraging.