How to make college education worth the cost

Half of college alumni strongly agree that their education was worth the cost, according to the 2015 Gallup-Purdue study published this week. An additional 27 percent of alumni simply agreed that their education was worth the cost.

Tucked inside the report was data that reveal how to make a student's education more worthwhile.

For example, the odds of a student thinking his time in college was worthwhile are 1.6 times higher if the student is extremely active in extracurricular activities or if he has worked on a project that took at least one semester to finish.

Odds rise by 1.4 times if the student held a leadership position in a club or organization, while membership in a fraternity or sorority increases the odds by 1.3 times.

Odds rise by 1.5 times for a student who held an internship or job that allowed her to apply classroom lessons, while simply having a paid job or internship increases the odds by 1.2 times.