HBO's Bill Maher: President 'now more like a king'

HBO's "Real Time" host Bill Maher has a warning for his fellow liberals: President Obama's executive orders may not be setting the best example.

On his show's blog Tuesday, Maher wrote that gridlock in Congress is harmful to the political system, but that decrees from the president shouldn't necessarily be a substitute.

"It just reminds you that in today's environment, with a dysfunctional Congress, whoever wins the presidency rules the country in a way they haven't before," said Maher. "Executive orders are the new legislation, and if a president wants to get anything done during their term they're going to have to issue a lot of them. Which makes the stakes for 2016 higher than usual."

Maher said that though he supports many of Obama's executive orders, like requiring federal contracting companies to provide paid sick leave to employees, liberals are likely to oppose the use of them should a Republican move into the White House.