Guy Benson: GOP needs to tackle 'train wreck' that's ObamaCare

Radio host Guy Benson told Megyn Kelly Wednesday on “The Kelly File” that after suffering a setback on the partial shutdown fight, the Republican Party should now turn its attention to the “train wreck” that is ObamaCare.

“The best thing, actually, for the party is that these crises are temporarily over and now the real attention can shift to the slow-motion, jaw dropping, train wreck that is the president’s health care law,"said Benson, who is also political editor.

Turning to America’s unfunded liabilities, including what it owes for Social Security, Medicare and federal employees’ future retirement benefits, Benson said the nation’s total debt soars to unimaginable levels.

“That 17 trillion number only scratches the surface,” he said. “The number is actually closer to 90, nine zero – trillion with a t – dollars.”

Benson noted that as part of the deal to fully reopen the government, both the House and the Senate will appoint conferees to try to come up with a plan to tackle the nation’s spending and debt problems – the first such meeting in four years.

“We’ll see how it goes,” he said.