Gov. Kaine Gets Surprise Call From 'Barry From D.C.' on Radio Show

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Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine got a mysterious phone call on his radio show Tuesday from a first-time listener who isn't really from the region but had a lot to say about local government.

The caller -- who was identified as "Barry from D.C." -- said he had "questions about traffic in Northern Virginia." He thanked Kaine for his public service -- the governor leaves office next month -- and then said he thought the governor wasn't the real honcho in the Kaine family.

"We continue to think that you're wife is probably a little superior to you," needled "Barry," who called Kaine during his final appearance on his "Ask the Governor" program on WTOP, a Washington-area radio station.

"Barry From D.C." added: "Well, uh, Governor Kaine, this is, uh, actually the president of the United States calling."

"You and me have to stick together since we're married to better people," President Obama said before wishing Kaine and his family all the best during the Christmas season.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, asked if "Barry From D.C." was actually the president, responded during Tuesday's press briefing: "That would not be inaccurate."

Obama has appointed Kaine chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Republican Bob McDonnell will succeed the governor, who was prevented by Virginia's term-limit law from running for re-election.

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