GOP Fires Back at Democrats' Take on Iowa Debate

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Fox News was the first to report on a Democratic National Committee memo weighing in on tonight's GOP debate co-hosted by Fox News in Ames, Iowa.

Now, the GOP has shot back.

RNC Spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski tells Fox, "While the headlines scream about Obama's failed economy, it's no wonder Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democrats are desperately trying to change the conversation. The same president and party that prided themselves on changing the tone in politics are now resorting to negative attacks against Republicans because they don't have any accomplishments of their own to tout. Just ask Team Obama - they laid out their negative attack strategy just this week."

Ahead of tonight's debate, the press machines of both parties and the string of presidential candidates have kicked into high gear.

Here is the rest of the RNC's take on the DNC memo:

The Facts:

ON THE DEBT CEILING DEAL: President Obama ignored the warning signs for years as Republicans spoke out against his binge spending that has earned him the undisputed title of Debt King. Then, when Americans needed leadership, Obama sat on the sidelines, refusing to put forth a plan as Republicans dragged him kicking and screaming to a deal that included as much spending cuts as we raised the debt ceiling by and didn't raise taxes.

S&P DOWNGRADE: President Obama likes to say he inherited these problems, but one thing he did inherit: a AAA credit rating.

ON SENIORS: The Democrats attempt to vilify Republicans for outlining plans to tackle difficult issues like entitlements but they forget it was Obama who offered to cut hundreds of billions in Medicare during the debt debate.

ON GOP CANDIDATES: Every single one of the Republican candidates has better solutions to turn our economy around than this president whose binge spending and lack of leadership led the U.S. to our first credit rating downgrade in history.

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