Ginni Thomas endorses Ted Cruz

Ginni Thomas has endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

Thomas is a prominent conservative activist, as well as the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

"I relish the opportunity to change this town, but what I really love are the people outside of this beltway of Washington and the people who see we can have a strong America again," Thomas said in a video of her endorsement released by the Cruz campaign. "Ted Cruz has got the scars to show that he's tangled with the top Republican leaders and Democrat leaders in town. It was so refreshing to see Ted Cruz come and be truthful principled, and conservative, even under attack."

Ginni Thomas' political positions have caused some controversy in the past, mostly in regards to whether they create any conflict of interest for her husband, the Supreme Court justice. One example is when she was engaged in activism against the Affordable Care Act prior to a high court ruling on the legislation.