Gibbs Rips Palin

In today's daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joined a chorus of critics who have lashed out at Sarah Palin following this weekend's Tea Party Convention.

But Gibbs didn't rip Palin's politics, he went after the former Alaska Governor's "crib notes" which were scribbled out on her palm during her remarks in Nashville.

Palin, who is also a Fox News Contributor, didn't use the conventional teleprompter at Saturday's convention.  Nor did she have note cards placed on the podium.  But cameras caught a glimpse of her hand as she was speaking, with black ink crossing her palm.

Today, Gibbs joked with reporters that he too had handy notes and revealed to the press corps that he had jotted down his grocery list before the briefing.  His hand read "eggs, milk, bread".  Gibbs teased that he also wrote "'hope and change', just in case I forgot."  Gibbs' remark was met by a mix of laughter and jeers.