Frank Responds to Boyfriend’s "Heckling" Video

Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) questioned Thursday the media attention his domestic partner drew after showing up at his opponent's news conference.

Frank stated he was "kind of surprised" the video of Jim Ready, characterized by many media outlets as "heckling" Republican opponent Sean Bielat, led to headlines.

The Congressman expressed his eagerness to get back to the issues, stating "I am not going to be part of turning into a -- what I think is a -- frankly, wasted time."

He did not comment on whether Ready would apologize to Bielat for the incident.

Tea Party favorite Bielat and Rep. Frank have been in a tight race for Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District. Despite high tensions in the final two-week stretch until election day, both candidates have predominantly focused on key issues, that is until a video was released showing Ready taking pictures and heckling Bielat. The event took place shortly after a local debate held on "Greater Boston" WGBH-TV October 13.

In the video, as Bielat responds to questions from the press, he spots Ready with a camera taking pictures and remarks about his presence. Ready fires back at Bielat, stating, "That was not funny. You just tried two jokes and they weren't even funny."

In response, Bielat said, "Are you really standing here and heckling me? Is that really what you're doing?"

The post-debate exchange has acquired a mounting interest in the past week. However both candidates maintain they would like the race to remain a clean one.