Fox News/Google Debate restrictions -- 9pm debate

Fox News has secured exclusive media rights to the Republican Presidential Primary Debate taking place at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa and airing on the Fox News Channel, as well as Fox News Radio, Fox News Mobile and, on January 28, 2016, beginning at 9:00 PM/ET and ending at 11:00 PM/ET (the “Debate”).

You are hereby advised to respect Fox News’ exclusive rights to the Debate by not broadcasting, transmitting, selling, licensing, giving, bartering, exchanging or otherwise disseminating the Debate, or any portion thereof, regardless of whether Fox News supplied you the Debate or if the Debate or excerpts were supplied to you by other sources.  Permission to use the Debate is only granted if the following restrictions are adhered to:

1)   An appropriate, unobstructed, on-screen credit, (i.e., “Courtesy of Fox News Channel”), must appear in the upper left or right hand corner of the screen during the entire Debate excerpt and the Debate excerpt must be introduced with an audio credit: “In a Debate on the Fox News Channel.”  On radio, each excerpt must be introduced with the same audio credit.

2)   During the seven (7) day period described in paragraph 4 below, you may not air more than a total amount of three minutes (3:00) of excerpts from the Debate in any one program (including video & audio).

3)   The excerpt footage must be taped directly from Fox News’ telecast or obtained directly from Fox News and may not be obtained from any other source such as satellite, or other forms of transmission.  Additionally, only excerpts that have been telecast by Fox News in their entirety may be used.

4)   Under no circumstances may an excerpt of the Debate or portions thereof be used beyond the seven (7) day period beginning January 28, 2016 at 11:01 PM/ET and continuing through February 4, 2016 at 11:00 PM/ET.  No archiving is permitted.

5)  The Debate excerpt may only appear in regularly scheduled network and local news programs in which news stories constitute the main feature of the program.

6)   You may use the Debate, or excerpts thereof, on the internet only by way of the video embed function on the video player for as long as Fox News shall make the Debate available on its video player.

Please advise your affiliates, subscribers, and any other entities to which you provide material for broadcast of these restrictions.  Please inform them that they may only use Debate excerpts in their local programming.

Any use of the Debate, except as specifically described above or as permitted pursuant to Fox News’ agreements with its subscribers and affiliates, will be regarded as a violation of our rights and may subject violators to liability under applicable laws. Fox News reserves all rights and remedies in the event of any violation of its rights.