Floridians would never 'fall back' under bill making daylight savings time permanent

A new Rasmussen poll shows that more Americans are tired of having to set their clocks forward and back an hour every year, but in Florida, residents may never have to change the time again.

The newly proposed Sunshine Protection Act would keep the state on daylight saving time permanently.

If Florida state Sen. Darren Soto's measure is passed, Florida would never "fall back," MyFoxOrlando.com reported. No more standard time for the Sunshine State.

"Floridians' quality of life and, potentially, economics would be improved by having an hour more of sunshine in the afternoon," Soto said.

Supporters say the move could boost recreation and tourism.

According to MyFoxOrlando.com, airline lobbyists oppose efforts to extend daylight savings time, claiming it would be too confusing for travelers. Critics also say that staying on it would knock the Sunshine State out of sync with the rest of the country, which could potentially stall the bill in Washington.

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