Florida orthodontist continues fight to stop delay of Obamacare employer mandate

Under the Affordable Care Act, Larry Kawa is a victim of his own success.

After graduating from New York University in 1993, Kawa headed south to Boca Raton where he hung out a shingle and started a dental practice from scratch.

Fast forward 20 years and his venture specializing in children’s braces and wisdom teeth extractions has grown into a successful local business generating more than 50 jobs.

In an odd way, that’s the problem. Crossing the 50 employee mark puts Kawa Orthodontics on the receiving end of the federal health law’s more burdensome business regulations.

“We have a terrific staff with high moral,” Kawa told Watchdog.org. “But we employ over 50 full-time employees which means the (Obamacare) employer mandate does affect our business significantly.”

Under the law, businesses surpassing the 50 employee threshold are required to provide certain levels of insurance coverage as determined by the government. If an employer falls short, a penalty of $2,000 per employee is levied against the business.

But that’s not why Kawa decided to sue the federal government.

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