FLASHBACK: When David Axelrod said he didn't know anything about Clinton's private emails

David Axelrod said in June that when he and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton worked together in the Obama administration, he was unaware she conducted business from an unauthorized, private server – but emails released Tuesday evening by the State Department suggest he had reason to know.

In June, Axelrod said "I didn't know that" when asked if he was aware that Clinton was using her own private email system while serving as secretary of state. But correspondences from 2009 show that Axelrod was not only aware of at least one of Clinton's private email addresses, but that he also contacted her once with "get better" note.

Evidence of this begins with an email from Clinton's chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, dated June 8, 2009. "Axelrod wants your email – remind me to discuss with you if I forget," Mills wrote.

Clinton responded that same day, writing, "Can you send to him or do you want me to? Does he know I can't look at it all day so he needs to contact me thru you or Huma or Lauren during work hours."

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