Fiorina is confident Clinton would 'trounce' Trump

Carly Fiorina has put her money on Hillary Clinton should the presumptive Democratic nominee go toe-to-toe with Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

The former business executive and female GOP hopeful predicted during a radio interview Friday that Clinton would heavily defeat the billionaire businessman in a general election matchup.

"Do you think that if Donald Trump was the nominee and up against Hillary Clinton, that he could win?" Fiorina was asked by Fox New Radio host John Gibson.

"I do not, and I think that much of the — it is very early," she responded. "But much of the head-to-head matchup data says that the one person that Hillary Clinton trounces in a general election is Donald Trump."

Earlier in the program, Fiorina noted that "to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for Benghazi, and so many other things, it's going to take a nominee who can hold her accountable in a general election debate."