Ethics Committee Was Slated to Summon Trump in Rangel Case

You're censured!

That might not have been the exclamation embattled Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) had in mind as he awaits the House of Representatives to discipline him for breaking Congressional rules. But a document dump by the House Ethics Committee reveals that the panel was prepared to have Donald Trump testify in Rangel's ethics trial two weeks ago.

Rangel walked out of the trial after noting he didn't have legal counsel. So the Ethics Committee presented its case and voted to censure Rangel without the Congressman delivering a defense or calling witnesses to help defend him.

Trump may have been the biggest name on the Ethics Committee's witness list. But the documents reveal the panel was also prepared to call AIG Vice President Edward Cloonan and CEO Maurice Greenberg.

The House is expected to vote Thursday to censure Rangel.