Elizabeth Warren’s 2016 gift to Hillary

The political press has been dying to find a 2016 challenger to Hillary Clinton. In fact, some pundits made one up, fantasizing that Elizabeth Warren would be that person.

But Warren, who has been a senator for all of 11 months, never showed any indication that she might run. Not even when the New Republic splashed her on the cover as a presidential possibility.

Now Warren has made news by making official what she has been saying all along – that she’s not running.

Some on Twitter aren’t taking it at face value.

Funny how pundits never take no for an answer.


Garry Trudeau’s series Alpha House -- now playing on Amazon.com – describes the misadventures of four Republican senators who live together on Capitol Hill. Many viewers may not be aware that this is modeled on an actual group house where four Dems bunk together.

CNN’s Dana Bash uncovers the squalor where Chuck Schumer and his pals proudly live.

Sounds like John Goodman would be right at home there.


Many Dems defend ObamaCare, flaws and all, by snarking that the Republicans have no alternatives when it comes to health care.

Jane Hamsher, founder of liberal site FireDogLake.com , isn’t buying the party’s line.


POTUS, meanwhile, appears to have Apple envy.  In remarks yesterday, Obama mused about one tech item he wishes could show up in his Christmas stocking.


To the doghouse for First Dog Sunny Obama! At a holiday bash at the White House, the enthusiastic premier pooch (sorry Bo), got a little frisky knocking over a two-year-old girl.

Does Sunny have a media adviser? We tried calling for comment, but Sunny was chasing a squirrel.