Election Day By the Numbers

Remember when painting by numbers was the easiest way to create a masterpiece? Well, here's a go at that midterm election-style. AEHQ breaks down what's at stake in the midterm election, digit by digit - and leaves it up to you decide whether to paint the races red or blue.


Seats in the Senate: 100

Democrats: 57

Republicans: 41

Independents: 2, who caucus with Democrat

Elections Held Nov. 2: 37, with 19 Democratic and 18 Republican seat

Seats needed for Republicans to win control: 10

Wins needed for a 50-50 tie (with Vice President Biden as tie-breaker): 9

"Likely Democratic" races: 48

"Likely Republican" races: 45

Toss-up races: 7

General forecast of GOP pick-ups: 6-8



Seats in the House: 435

Democrats: 255 + 1 vacancy due to the resignation of Democrat Eric Massa, NY-29

Republicans: 178 + 1 vacancy due to the resignation of Republican Mark Souder, IN-3

Elections held Nov. 2: 435

Seats needed for Republicans to win control: 39

"Likely Democratic" races: 168

"Likely Republican" races: 224

Toss-up races: 43

General forecast of GOP total after projected pick-ups: 224



U.S. governors: 50

Democrats: 26

Republicans: 24, counting Republican-turned independent Charlie Crist in Florida as a Republican seat

Elections Held Nov. 2: 37

Seats in play currently or most recently held by

Democrats: 19

Seats in play currently or most recently held by

Republicans: 18

Sitting governors seeking reelection: 13

Former governors running again: 5

Governorships with redistricting roles: 46

"Likely Democratic" races: 12

"Likely Republican" races: 27

Toss-up races: 11



State with the most representatives: California, at 52

States with the least representatives: Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Vermont are tied at 1

The youngest candidate running this cycle: Krystal Ball, Democratic nominee in Virginia's 1st congressional district, at 28

The oldest candidate running this cycle: Rep. John Dingell, D-MI, at 84

Former President Bill Clinton campaign appearances in the 2010 cycle: 125 and counting

*Data compiled from the Fox News Brainroom and RealClearPolitics.com