Easton: Clinton's inevitability has 'deja-vu quality'

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Nina Easton, a columnist for Fortune magazine, told viewers on “Special Report with Bret Baier” Friday that Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy has a "deja-vu quality."

Easton, referring to the 2008 Democratic primary, during which Clinton's frontrunner status was eclipsed by an unknown senator from a neighboring state, said: "She was going to be the inevitable candidate; we knew by the Iowa caucuses that she was not the inevitable candidate."

On Friday, the former secretary of state recalled that she received a lot of votes but lacked the delegates to clinch the nomination.

“If you talk to Hillary's aides a couple of months ago, they were making clear that we don't consider this inevitable, we're not going to run like that,” Easton said.

“But that's clearly the message now that she's trying to send out. Look you know Joe Biden:  this is a lot harder and takes a lot more gumption and a lot more work, and a lot more money and a lot more structure than you think,” she said.