Double or Nothing on Men's Hockey

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Dmitri Soudas, the spokesman for Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper are going "double or nothing" on a hockey bet.

Sunday, the U.S. will face Canada in the gold medal match at the Winter Olympics. It's been said that anything short of a gold for the Canadian team will be considered a loss.

The White House says after the Women's Canadian team beat the U.S. Women's team, Gibbs and Soudas decided to re-bet.


Robert Gibbs will have to wear the Team Canada hockey sweater for the first 15 minutes of an on-camera briefing some time in the next two weeks.


Gibbs and Soudas are even. And the bet from last week that had Gibbs wearing a women's hockey sweater at an off-camera gaggle will not be fulfilled. As it stands right now, Gibbs has to wear that jersey.

And of course, if the U.S. wins, we have official bragging rights over Canada, no small achievement considering Canada invented hockey!

Keep watching this space for an update on Gibbs v. Soudas.

And the gold medal game is this afternoon in Vancouver.