Denver city worker keeps getting pay increases despite not working

An employee who was on investigatory for about 20 months just received another “successful” rating and significant pay bump for the time he was on leave, city records show.

Denver human resources officials confirmed Denver assistant city attorney Stuart Shapiro received the rating on his annual review and his salary went from $142,922 to $147,066 because of a “merit increase,” according to city records obtained this week. The increase will go into effect later this month.

Shapiro was also removed from investigatory leave on Feb. 12 and reassigned from the litigation to the municipal operations section, according to a letter obtained by CBS Denver., in cooperation with CBS Denver, broke the story last month of Shapiro’s long, paid leave while the city investigates “litigation misconduct,” according to the leave letter obtained by The city officials met with Shapiro the day after the stories ran to discuss his job situation.

Shapiro’s attorney and Denver City Attorney Scott Martinez have refused to comment on why Shaprio has been in limbo for so long, with Martinez saying it is a personnel matter.

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