Debt deal moves to Obama after 3 a.m. Senate vote

The Senate approved a controversial budget and debt ceiling measure early Friday morning, all but assuring government funding until 2017, but angering conservatives who complained that the deal is fiscally irresponsible and was written in secret with Democrats.

The House moved the deal forward on Wednesday with mostly Democratic votes, and was then sent along to the White House for President Obama's signature shortly after 3 a.m. Friday by the Senate, again thanks mostly to Democratic support. It passed in the Senate 64-35, and all 35 "no" votes came from Republicans.

It will end months of uncertainty about how lawmakers would resolve the deadlines of Nov. 3 for the debt ceiling and Dec. 11 for the federal budget.

"To get important work done, you need to find some common ground," said Sen. Ron Wyden, R-Ore.