DC travel guide rejects NRA Museum ad

The travel guide published by the Washington, D.C., official convention and sports authority has refused to run ads for the National Rifle Association’s National Firearms Museum because those ads depict firearms.

Destination DC told officials from the NRA that it would no longer accept ads that depict any weapons or ammunition despite a relationship with the museum that dates back to 2012.

“I am writing again about the ad your team has recently submitted for the Destination DC’s Official Visitors Guide,” Claire Carlin, VP of partnerships & alliances of Destination DC, told NRA officials in an email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. “We recognize the place that firearms have had in history, but have decided not to run any ads that depict weapons or ammunition at this time.”

The organization told the NRA it was willing to run an ad for the firearms museum, as long as it does not depict any firearms.

Destination DC is a private, non-profit corporation that represents more than 850 businesses and organizations in the D.C. area—including American Airlines, the Washington Nationals, American Express, and Amtrak. However, a percentage of the corporation’s funding comes directly from D.C.’s hotel occupancy tax. Destination DC is also a contracting arm of Events DC, the “official convention and sports authority for the District of Columbia.”

The NRA said Destination DC explained it would no longer run ads featuring guns because of the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

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