Members of the Supreme Court "put on an Obama jersey" when they upheld subsidies for Obamacare and made same sex marriage a Constitutional right Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" Sunday.

"In a period of 24 hours, we had two decisions of the Supreme Court where a majority of the justices violated their judicial oaths: In one, they ignored the text of Federal law; they rewrote Obamacare, forcing that failed law on millions of Americans," said Cruz passionately. "And then the next day, five justices disregarded the text of the Constitution, and purported to strike down the marriage laws in all 50 states."

Cruz said he agreed with Justice Antonin Scalia that these twin "decisions are an assault on democracy."

"I believe in democracy and the Constitution, and I think when the Supreme Court violates their oaths and undermines the Constitution, that is a grave threat to our nation," said Cruz, arguing in favor of his recommendation that Supreme Court justices should go through periodic elections.

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