Conway: GOP is 'the party of the forgotten man and forgotten woman'

President-elect Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Thursday night that her candidate was a "unique, compelling messanger who took his message directly to the people."

"I feel like my Republican party was veering dangerously close to becoming the party of the elites for a number of years," Conway told Fox News' Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly File," "and I’m just glad it’s the party of the forgotten man and forgotten woman."

Earlier Thursday, Conway disclosed on Twitter that she had been offered a job in the incoming Trump administration in response to a report by New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman that she was reluctant to give up her business.

On "The Kelly File," Conway called Sherman's report "ridiculous" and said "people shouldn’t say that without checking with THE source."

"But that’s a conversation I’ll have with Mr. Trump when it’s appropriate," she added, "and I’ve already told him that I’m willing to serve."

Conway also said that Trump campaign stalwarts like Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Dr. Ben Carson and Steve Bannon are "incredibly capable and qualified" to take positions in a Trump administration, but added, "This is Donald Trump’s presidency and it’s his Cabinet and his senior team to name. I just think the major criteria will be loyalty to him."

On a second night of protests against Trump's election, his former campaign manager implored his opponents to "take your cues" from the cordial meeting between Trump and President Obama at the White House earlier Thursday.