Congressional hopeful who ripped Fox, Tea Party clashes with Greta on 'On the Record'

The Virginia Democratic congressional candidate who promised "war" on Fox News and the Tea Party clashed with Greta Van Susteren on air Thursday over ObamaCare, the Tea Party and political honesty.

"I think the facts are misrepresented," Mike Dickinson said of Fox News on "On the Record." "It encourages people to fight the government, like Obama and the federal government is this big, bad authority," he said, referring to a previous segment about the legal rights of a Nevada rancher.

"I don't get it. You must have a potato in your ear, because I mentioned the court order," Van Susteren said of the segment.

"So the problem is not what I do, but that viewers have potatoes in their ears," Van Susteren said.

She asked Dickinson, as a Fox employee, "so what's the problem with me?" and he replied, "I don’t have a problem with you personally; I have a problem with the company you work for."

"Do we misrepresent here at 'On the Record?'” Van Susteren asked.

"I can’t say personally that do you," he replied.

"OK, well, you don’t watch that much?" she asked.

"Well, I don’t watch much," Dickinson responded.

He went on to criticize the Tea Party, saying it misrepresents its position in supporting liberty for all.

"Their movement is the 'Me' movement," he said. "It's not 'We the people,' it's 'Me the people.'"

"They can have their position, but they misrepresent their position," he added.

Van Susteren asked Dickinson how he could criticize "partisan bickering" and politicians who don't present themselves honestly, but chooses not to present sordid details from his past on his campaign website.

"You didn't put in here about how you lobbied for strip clubs, and you learned from (Hustler publisher) Larry Flynt not to sugarcoat but to tell it like it is," Van Susteren said. "But you didn't tell it like it is here, right?"

"If somebody asks me, I'll tell them that Larry Flynt said that to me," Dickinson replied.