Colorado baker at center of gay wedding cake case appears in campaign ad opposing Dem governor hopeful

Jack Phillips, the baker at the center of a Supreme Court case, is appearing in a campaign ad in opposition to Colorado’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

The controversy around Phillips first started in 2012 when he declined to bake a specific cake for the wedding celebration of two gay men. He told the couple he would sell them something in his store but would not make a new cake that would promote same-sex marriage due to his religious beliefs.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission initially said Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, violated the state’s anti-discrimination laws. But earlier this year, the Supreme Court said the Commission “violated the Free Exercise Clause.”

A new ad from the Family Policy Alliance uses Phillips’ story to encourage voters to reject Rep. Jared Polis, the openly-gay Democratic gubernatorial nominee, in next month’s election.

“Assaults on Jack’s faith – and yours – could get even worse if Boulder’s own Jared Polis becomes governor,” the ad said.


It goes on to say Polis supports the Commission and could “appoint more radical members” to it if he’s elected.

“The country watched as the Supreme Court ruled against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, condemning them for their hostility toward Jack’s faith,” Family Policy Alliance President Paul Weber said in a statement. “Now they are watching again to see if Colorado voters will say ‘enough is enough’ – I will stand with Jack.”

The ad will run in digital markets throughout Colorado, according to the Christian organization.

Polis faces Republican Walker Stapleton in the gubernatorial election, which Fox News has ranked the race as leaning Democrat.

Polis' campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment Wednesday afternoon.