Coal industry files suit against smog rules

The largest coal mining company in the country fired the first shot in filing suit against the Obama administration's new rules for smog-forming ozone emissions this week.

Being first can be a lonely place, but a lawyer for Murray Energy Corp. tells the Washington Examiner it won't be that way for too long. "We expect other parties to join in due course," said Gary Broadbent, assistant counsel and Murray Energy spokesman.

The ozone rule has been called by a number of states, companies and lawmakers the most expensive Environmental Protection Agency rule in history. It was finalized Oct. 1 and published in the Federal Register Monday, which made it challengeable in federal appeals court.

Surprisingly, Murray was the only company to sue on day one. The EPA's climate rules have taken some of the attention away from the ozone regulation, as more than half of the country leveled suits against the Clean Power Plan for power plants Friday, along with Murray and scores of other industry and labor groups.