Clinton's Candid Assessment

For the second day in a row, Hillary Clinton gave an interview to FOX News.She has dramatically increased her access to traveling reporters as part of an aggressive effort to drive new lines of attack against rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards. But the interview began with Clinton's candid assessment of her near-tearful reaction to a question in Portsmouth, N.H., today about how she keeps up the pace of a presidential campaign.

Clinton also said Obama and Edwards have acted like hypocrites during the race and appeared to diminish the role Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. played in the civil rights movements, saying it wasn't hope that King inspired that made the difference but President Lyndon Johnson's decision to fight for and sign the Civil Rights Act into law.

She also accused Edwards of displaying a phony revulsion at the power of special interest lobbyists, saying he did nothing to confront them during his one term in the Senate.

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