Clinton Calls for 'Transparent Investigation' Into Flotilla Raid

WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Israel to conduct a “prompt, impartial and transparent” investigation that complies with international standards and get the facts out as soon as possible. When asked Clinton would not say whether the US would be involved in any investigation of the fatal showdown on the flotilla.

The Israeli government maintains that they have every right to defend themselves and asserts they needed to inspect the boat to make sure the activists were not bringing in weapons. Thousands of rockets have been indiscriminately fired into Israel from Gaza in recent years.

To that end Clinton also said the US is evaluating how to expedite the flow of aid to Gaza while protecting Israel’s “legitimate security interests.”

Clinton made the remarks during a joint news conference in the Treaty Room at the State Department, with India’s External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna. They talked about the ongoing strategic talks the two countries engaged in today - and will continue.

Clinton and Krishna said they had discussed terror, military partnerships, energy, climate change, economies, food security and higher education.

On the Afghanistan front both Clinton and Krishna agreed that those who denounce Taliban membership and pledge to live by Afghan law can be reintegrated into society

Throughout the news conference, both sides expressed the deep partnership between the US and India.  Clinton called it, "an affair of the heart, not just the head."  She emphasized the long history of the beneficial relationship, and added that it is entering a new chapter as both countries face terror threats and economic challenges.

The next strategic discussion between the US and India will be in Delhi in 2011.