Carson turns blasting media bias into cash cow

Republican presidential front-runner Ben Carson is turning his fury over media bias into a lucrative fundraising campaign. After raising $3,500,000 in the past week, the retired neurosurgeon is building on conservative outrage over what he feels has been its biased and unfair coverage.

In his latest fundraising pitch, Carson calls on his supporters to show that, "We The People are fed up with liberal media bias." For a $5 dollar donation the campaign is offering bumper stickers that read, "Stop the liberal media."

Carson has faced a week of intense media scrutiny, including an investigation from CNN into claims that he had attempted to stab a friend as a young boy and a highly criticized Politico report that he had fabricated being offered a scholarship to West Point.

"Their media bias will only make us grow bigger, better, and bolder," Carson said in a Facebook post Saturday.