Bush team launching 'Jeb can fix it tour' amid campaign turmoil

Jeb Bush has a plan to restore confidence in his campaign among donors and supporters.

Bush will deliver a speech in Tampa, Fla., on Monday that he hopes will rally GOP primary voters around his candidacy once again.

"The speech will be a rejection of the "competing pessimisms" created in the Obama era in favor of leadership that solves problems," said Allie Brandenburger, a Bush spokeswoman, in a statement. "Jeb will draw on his experience in overcoming challenges to pass conservative reforms that improve people's lives, through stories from his new book 'Reply All.'"

The former Florida governor will launch a "Jeb can fix it" tour next week, after making sweeping financial cuts to his presidential campaign and losing his chief operating officer in October. The "it" the governor intends to fix appears to pertain to Washington, D.C., and the federal government, but his supporters may want to know more about his plan for the future after the leak of a 112-page internal memo to the press.

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