Biden immigration push will 'defeat the dream of Americans to live the American dream': Burgess Owens

Utah Republican warns left is trying to do to America what they did to Black community

The Biden immigration agenda is the latest example of the left pushing policies that harm Black Americans while posing as their allies, Rep. Burgess Owens told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Tuesday. 

"The leftists have never been our friends," the former NFL defensive back told host Tucker Carlson. "They are the ones that are anti-choice, they want open borders [which] they know is going to end up hurting those that are trying to get their first ladder up to the middle class. 

"They are against anything, any policy that helps us to become independent. That's what the left is trying to do to our country. I want to be the greatest warning buoy to let you know, from a community that was remarkably competitive -- the most competitive in our country during the '60s -- that is now not competitive because of what the left has done, what they have done to us is a preview of what they are trying to do to our country."

Owens added that all Biden's policies will accomplish is to "defeat the dream of Americans to live the American dream and get to the middle class."

Carlson then asked the freshman congressman: "What percentage of actual Black voters are in favor of giving amnesty to foreign nationals [in the U.S.] illegally, [and] giving those voting rights and benefits? Is that super popular?"


Owens responded by calling out "Black elitists," who he described as those who have lived the American dream while "telling the rest of us we can't do it." 

"They are all about doing anything they can to keep those trying to get to the middle class dependent, so that the elitist class gets more power," he said. "It doesn't matter what color they are. The elitists are the worst threat to our nation, no matter what color. The worst are those that look like me and tell Black Americans we can't do what other Americans do because of our skin color or whatever their excuse might be. The dream for America is to overcome all obstacles."