Bill Kristol: UN ambassador skipping Syria meeting, tweeting is 'pathetic'

The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol slammed Samantha Power, America's newly appointed ambassador to the United Nations, for skipping an emergency meeting on chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

Though she did not attend the session, Power sent a tweet condemning the reported gas attack:

"How pathetic is that," Kristol told Chris Stirewalt on "Power Play" on in response to the tweet. "She's the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. ... [she] sends out a tweet when there's a chemical weapon attack, something we said is a red line by a dictator who has killed tens of thousands ... it's better to say nothing."

Kristol said Power's tweet could be a way to "subtly" indicate that she disapproves of President Obama's inaction in the region.

"By being so ridiculous in this tweet, she's actually telling us that the Obama administration's policy is feckless and pathetic," said Kristol.

Kristol warned that America's reaction to reports of a deadly gas attack in Syria would have repercussions worldwide.

"Historians will look at this - the president's statement a year ago, Samantha Power's tweet yesterday, what's happening on the ground - and say this is a very, unfortunately, really dark moment for American foreign policy."