Biden accuses Trump of 'bizarre conduct,' ignores own history of on-camera behavior

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that President Trump was undermining "the liberal world order" with his "bizarre conduct."

In a joint appearance with Ohio Gov. John Kasich at the University of Delaware, Biden claimed that 14 heads of state had contacted him in an attempt to understand Trump's style of governance. He also alleged that one European prime minister had likened the American president to Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, an anecdote that drew laughter from the audience.

"Not a joke," Biden chastised. "Not a joke. That's what people are thinking."

"Violating the norms of personal conduct generates more anxiety and fear than any policy prescription that this president has enunciated," Biden added. "Sending his secretary of state to talk with North Korea and saying he’s on a 'fool’s errand' – it is absolutely bizarre. This is bizarre conduct."

Of course, Biden has his own history of eyebrow-raising behavior while vice president.

Most infamously, Biden placed his hands on the shoulders of Ash Carter's wife during Carter's February 2015 swearing-in as defense secretary. After beckoning Stephanie Carter to him from across the room, Biden put both hands on her shoulders for approximately 20 seconds before he leaned in and whispered in her ear while Carter was speaking.

Biden was also known to get handsy with family members of senators during the mock swearing-in ceremonies that he presided over while Vice President. A month before the Stephanie Carter incident, Biden tried to kiss the daughter of Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., on the cheek.

The awkward moments were immortalized in YouTube montages with titles like, "Compilation of Joe Biden being creepy."