Axelrod doubles down: No idea Hillary Clinton used a private server, but knew about her private email addresses

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Former senior White House adviser David Axelrod maintained Wednesday that he had no idea Hillary Clinton used a private server when she worked at the State Department, despite evidence showing that he contacted her in 2009 through at least one of her personal email accounts.

The former Obama official's comments came Wednesday as MSNBC's Thomas Roberts asked him about the more than 2,000 Clinton emails released this week by the State Department.

A few of the emails show that Axelrod emailed Clinton in 2009 at

"[A]s we watch the document dump of emails that consistently are coming out through this process, in yesterday's big dump of the Hillary Clinton emails, there was one from you to Hillary Clinton's private account," Roberts said. "So you knew she was using a private account when other administration officials were using government accounts? "