Are you ready to deal with ObamaCare exchanges?

The United States government launched the core of President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare reform on Tuesday, opening online insurance marketplaces across the country for millions of uninsured Americans. Doctors Dmitri Alden and Michael Gelb told LIVE’s Gregg Jarrett how the ObamaCare exchanges impact their patients. Dr. Alden is skeptical of the new system, while Dr. Gelb is supportive.

Gelb sees the exchanges as promising. “I think there a lot of naysayers out there and there are glitches on Election Day … the American people are going to have to see that this is something that people have been asking for, for 20 years.”

Alden doesn’t see ObamaCare as the solution to problems in the healthcare industry. “This is really going to create a significant and tremendous complicated system in our country.”

Focusing on individual families, Alden believes the price for insurance might hurt their savings. “They create really restrictive plans where patients cannot go out of network or face a tremendous increase in their cost outside of network system.”

The quality of doctors could also change under the Affordable Care Act if those physicians accept these insurance plans.

“Most of the doctors will be paid less if they join the network so it’s unlikely that high-end specialists will join the network,” explained Alden.

Gelb explains that under the new system “you get what you pay for.” When it comes to different levels of coverage, “if you are able to pay more money, you’re going to go the top specialists,” said Gelb.

He reiterated that “people can stay with that they currently have … they can stay with their current coverage.”

Debate remains over whether young Americans will sign up for coverage or instead pay the penalty for not having a plan.

“I actually think that a lot of young people will prefer to pay the fine [penalty] instead of signing up,” said Alden. “They will gamble on that they’re healthy, they would prefer to save money to pay for the vital things that are important today.”

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