“Apology Tour”... The Sequel?

White House officials will travel to Beijing to begin talks with Chinese officials on Sunday. The group of officials, which includes U.S. National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers, will be in China until Wednesday.

Forbes Columnist Gordon Chang tells Fox News that this is the "wrong strategy" and the Chinese will see this trip as a sign of subordination. According to Chang, when White House officials visited Beijing last March, Chinese officials referred to the trip as an "apology tour."

When asked if he thought this trip would be viewed differently by the Chinese, Chang said, "It didn't work in March. I don't see why it is going to work now."

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Jiang Yu says during the visit, discussions will focus on "U.S.-China relations and other important issues of mutual concern."

One of those concerns is likely the economy. While China is one of the largest owners of U.S. treasury debt, Chang says that doesn't necessarily mean that the country has the upper hand.

Chang says China's economy has become more dependent on the United States, adding that the Chinese economy is "geared to selling things to us."

It is for that reason, says Chang, that Chinese officials need to come to the United States, instead of White House officials making a trip to Beijing. Chang says "the Chinese need to talk to us more than we need to talk to them."

Chang added that March wasn't the only trip that was unsuccessful, calling President Obama's 2009 visit to China a "disastrous summit."

"Basically," says Chang, "we're not learning from our mistakes."