Anderson Cooper wins praise from the Right on his debate performance

Conservatives may have had their doubts about CNN's Anderson Cooper hosting Tuesday's Democratic debate, but by the end of it, many on the Right and even Donald Trump said Cooper did a standup job.

In a statement on Wednesday, Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, sang Cooper's praises.

"During last night's Democratic debate, Anderson Cooper in large measure did exactly what a debate moderator is supposed to do," Bozell said. "He asked tough, probing questions of all the candidates. Better yet, he did what most moderators won't do: when given an evasive or untrue answer, he pounced in a follow-up question, exposing the evasion or untruth. It was a breath of fresh air to see such professionalism."

Joe Concha, a right-leaning columnist for Mediaite, also complimented Cooper's performance.