Accusations Fly against Reid and Angle

The same day that conservative Hispanic groups demanded an apology from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid saying he "double-talks" on campaign ads, a pro-immigrant group announced they are launching an ad blitz attacking his opponent, Sharron Angle.

Two conservative Latino groups, the Hispanic Leadership Fund and Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, criticized Reid for what they called "duplicitous, double-talk ads in English and Spanish"

The groups said Reid plays up his closeness to the Latino community in Spanish ads and focuses on his role on beefing up the Mexican border in English ads.

The English ads aired in response to attacks by Angle, who claimed Reid was too soft on illegal immigration.

A few hours later, it was Angle's turn to get scrutiny. Three pro-immigrant groups, America's Voice, Mi Familia Vota and Campaign for Community Change, said Tuesday that they will run print and radio ads slamming Angle for portraying Hispanics as "criminals and thugs" in a series of illegal immigration ads. They say their campaign will stress the importance of the Hispanic vote against rising anti-immigration fervor.

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Polls show Reid and Angle are in a dead heat, and Latino turnout could tip the balance either way.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.