A look at the president's week ahead...

President Obama will have a full plate this Thanksgiving holiday -- with crucial domestic and foreign policy issues on the menu. On Saturday the democratic-led Senate will hold a test vote on a massive health care bill that is expected to be determined along party lines.  The vote will be an indication as to how quickly the Senate can pass reform, which has been the president's top domestic policy along with getting the economy back on track.

On the international front, a decision on Afghanistan is looming.  The president is expected over the next several weeks to announce whether he'll send more troops to the region.  White House officials have confirmed that Mr. Obama won't take any of the current options offered to him.  Instead he's seeking clarification on how long U.S. troops would stay in the country and how much responsibility the Afghan government will assume in the near future.

Mr. Obama's week will also include his first state dinner, where he'll host Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The event usually consists of high-profile guests including lobbyists, dignitaries, lawmakers, and celebrities.  Though the White House has remained mum on the details, a large tent is currently being constructed on the South Lawn to accomodate the hundreds of guests expected.