Tom Del Beccaro: THIS is the real price of Democrats' 'resistance' movement after two years of Trump

The Democrats’ “resistance” is designed to weaken President Trump and to prevent his re-election – if not take him down. That may be politically interesting domestically but, on the international stage, their naked political ambition is hurting America – and therefore endangering the world.

The world knows, literally, that the Democrats derisively floated the notion that Donald Trump would not accept the results of the 2016 election if Hillary Clinton won. In a debate question, Trump obliged them by not saying he would. It eventually became a narrative for the left.

Of course, Trump won, and, cynically, the Democrats’ non-acceptance of his victory has only been surpassed historically by the South’s secession response to Lincoln’s election. Even so, domestically, the Democrats’ resistance has not rendered the president unaccomplished.


Trump’s economic success has rivaled that of any president. Major tax reform was passed and Trump regulatory reform has been nearly system-wide. The results defied even the resistance of the establishment economists and their following who said yearly 3 percent growth was not possible.

On the judicial front, with the help of the Republican Senate, Trump arguably has the best record of any Republican president when it comes to the appointment of judges. Other significant domestic successes include the VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act and criminal justice reform.

Those domestic successes occurred while the Democrats were busy resisting instead of debating policy.

Internationally, Trump succeeded in changing policy towards Iran, including exiting the Iran nuclear “deal” and successfully withdrew from the lopsided Paris Climate accord – at the same time the U.S. led the world in the reduction of pollutants. His greatest early accomplishment, of course, was the near total elimination of ISIS. Americans forget that it was just over four years ago that ISIS was beheading people on TV with no end in sight.

International problems, however, are on the rise – right along with the intensity of the invective of the Democrats. A week before the last election, I wrote that the Democrats in Washington, D.C., if they won the House, would (1) resort to government shut down politics, (2) endless investigations, and, yes, (3) impeachment. I said they would resort to the latter in order to appease their base given they would not get any legislative victories of note.

For months now, the Democrats’ invective related to impeachment has been rising – and, right along with them, the foreign policy challenges of the United States have risen.

President Trump himself raised the specter that the U.S. China trade negotiations have slowed because China might be waiting for a Biden presidency. Given Biden’s soft-on China rhetoric, and the questionable business relationships of one of his son's, that would well be the case. We also must keep note that Russia has sent additional troops to Venezuela.

Of course, the hostilities of Iran represent a serious international issue. Iran is flat out engaging in tactics that, just short of war, threaten the very stability of the Middle East. Those tactics have led to actions such as those referenced in this headline: “US to send 1K additional troops to Middle East amid Iran tensions.” Of course, any Iranian actions implies Russian support to one degree or another. All of that, while former Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with Iran it what is very likely a direct violation of the Logan Act -- or much worse.


Years ago, when President Bill Clinton was facing heated trouble, it was said he wagged-the-dog by bombing Sudan. The implication was that Clinton took otherwise unnecessary action to change the subject away from Monica Lewinsky.

The problem now, for America and the World, is that China, Russia and Iran present real threats that must be addressed. As for the heart of the matter, the bottom line is that our current house while divided, may still be able to stand, but it is unquestionably hampered in its ability to conduct foreign policy – all to the endangerment of the world.