Sean Hannity: Trump keeps his promises. I predict he'll find a way to get the money to build the wall

Wall construction on the southern border is underway according to a report in the Washington Examiner, look at this, miles of desperately need brand new steel barriers are under construction all along the Rio Grande Valley. This portion of the wall was funded with federal money previously negotiated by the Trump administration. Nobody seems to report that. We've also repaired a lot of the bad walls out there.  And there is new construction.

Meanwhile, this garbage deal that I've been telling you about, out of Washington, which allocates a measly additional $1.375 billion for wall construction -- well, that has not been signed by the president. As a matter of fact, nobody in the White House has seen any language in the bill. None.

So, let's be frank. It's not nearly enough money. Washington lawmakers, the swamp creatures, they have once again let we, the people, the American people down, this is a swamp compromise.  Now, let me make predictions.


Based on what the president is saying publicly, and I love the press, they love to speculate, how did Hannity get his information?

All right. We know this is a president that keeps his promises. And he goes at the speed of Trump. And if you watch every speech, if you actually listen to Donald Trump's words, you know, especially you people in the hate-Trump media, he telegraphs. He's saying exactly what he's planning to do. You're too stupid to listen.

Here’s this: “So much crime comes in through the southern border. Illegal immigration provides a lucrative cash flow to put it mildly, lucrative, to some of the most dangerous criminal organizations on the planet.  These deadly cartels flood our city with narcotics that kill thousands of citizens, ruin families.  They use fear, intimidation, violence to get their way.

There's only one moral course of action, to put these ruthless criminal cartels out of business and out of business fast.  I will never waiver from my sacred duty to defend this nation and its people.  We will get the job done.”

All right. He's saying he's going to get the job done.


Let me make a prediction, let's base it on what you just heard -- and what we've witnessed the last two years -- the president is going to find a way to get the money.

Now, look at this bill, $1.375 billion, not enough. But it will keep the ball in the project moving along assuming, we haven't seen the language, there's no poison pill or restrictions in there thrown in by a swamp creature in the last minute that says you can't build a wall with the money. If that happens I don't think the president will sign that bill. And in that case you probably move to a short-term continuing resolution and the Congress creatures go back to doing the crappy work they usually do.  And then if they get it right, he'll sign that bill.

But let's assume that they get it right.  That, in other words, he gets $1.375 billion for the wall now -- well that, prevents the government shutdown. That's a good thing.

But in order to meet on borders and our security needs, the president has stated publicly, not just to Sean Hannity, that he will also tap in to hundreds of millions, at least $900 million, I'm told the number is much higher, other discretionary funds that he can direct that money directly to the wall which then brings to us two or three billion dollars. Again, in the interim, and it sounds like what he's saying is he's going to simultaneously declare a national emergency, to free up billions more.

Now, the hate-Trump media, if that happens, are going to feign moral indignation. Outrage, hysteria will break out.  Meanwhile, they'll say, “how did Hannity know?” Well, because I've listened to him and he's telling you the entire time what he's going to do.

Here are two examples: Donald Trump: “I will add whatever I have to add to build the wall.” President tweeting: “I am getting almost $23 billion for border security.”

Now, that money, the $23 billion he's talking about, that can be spent on everything else but the wall.  But if he declares a national emergency, or uses the law which we've been citing on this program, U.S. Code 284, well, we know what the Democrats are going to do. They're going to immediately run to the courts, they'll go judge shopping to find a liberal activist judge somewhere in California, or anywhere in the Ninth Circuit.

They will lose. The president will lose the first round. Go to the ninth circuit. He'll lose the second round.

But in the interim, he still gets $1.375 billion, so he continues the project, and with the other funds, continues the project.  And I believe when it gets to the Supreme Court, he's going to win.

And this Supreme Court has to take this case, considering -- let's see, it's a constitutional question about his role as commander-in-chief.  It's about separation of powers.  It's about national security.

And just a side note, all of you in the media, I don't know why, everyone has been obsessed, “Hannity's predicting this.” That's what I'm predicting is going to happen, because I actually listened to the publicly stated words of the president. So, keep speculating, nobody in the media has any idea who my sources are, who they're not, and who I talk to, who I don't talk to. And I will not reveal my sources.

And all of these hate-Trump media outlets, they all pretend they're unbiased, that they're journalists.  Well, I don't claim to be a journalist, we do journalism, but what we say about being a talk show host, we're like the whole newspaper. Now, we do straight news when there's a war, straight news on weather, straight news on important incidences that are happening, like Ferguson when that was happening, or, Baltimore.  And then we give a lot of opinion.  So, we're the news page, editorial page, the opinion page. We even do gossip and sports like tonight for example, Tim Tebow is on. So, we're like, the whole newspaper. That's what we do, freedom of the press. But we identify what we do.

Now, we do our own research, like we did with vetting Obama, like we do on the deep state, we do investigations, we bring you news and information you won't hear or see anywhere else.  And opinion you won't get anywhere else.

But all of these hate Trump news people that claim to be journalists, no, they're really editorial writers.  And ones that make up a lot of B.S. at the same time.

So, tonight, when it comes to building the wall, whatever has to be done, the president is saying will be done. Not for political reasons, but for the safety and the security of all Americans.

He sees this so rightly as a life and death issue. But don't just take my word for it. Maybe some of the people on the fake news channels, maybe they should start speaking to Angel Moms and Dads. Maybe a woman like Maureen Maloney, her son, Matthew, was killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant from Ecuador.

You got that, Senator Menendez? -- Menendez was upset that illegal immigrants could actually be classified as criminals, if they get caught drunk driving.

And, Tuesday, Maloney urged President Trump to hold strong in the fight for the border wall. Now, sadly, she is among thousands of our fellow Americans whose lives have been ripped apart, permanent separation, by violent criminals because we have open borders that have entered this country illegally.  In the past two years alone, ICE arresting illegal immigrants accused or convicted of 4,000 murder, homicide charges.

Carnage from illegal drugs -- 90 percent of the heroin crossing that southern border is even worse.  Every single week, 300 Americans are dying from heroin overdoses, almost all of which is trafficked across the border.

Now, that's why Americans are overwhelmingly backing up the president and his plan to secure the border.

There’s a brand new Fox New poll that’s out on Wednesday night and it finds that 66 percent of Americans approve of the president's efforts. You Republicans in the House and Senate, you may just want to follow his lead. It’s good politics.

According to Gallup, the president's overall poll numbers are up a whopping 7 points since the government shutdown. He hit his highest number, 52 percent, on the Rasmussen poll. Earlier this week, he filled an arena in El Paso, Texas. Look at that.

And, oh, that's inside the arena, am I correct? Yes, then he had thousands and thousands of others outside the arena. Nobody in the media talks about this. What other president got those types of crowds?

Now, some on the left try to pretend, the president has no support at all. I've never seen a president with more support. Look at late night loser Stephen Colbert. Just last week, he said this:

“Trump's inaugural committee raised a record $107 million which was double the previous record set by Barack Obama.  What was all that money for?  I mean, obviously, they didn't need it for crowd control.”


OK, Colbert, so you show the picture from before the inauguration. Don't worry, your audience is stupid enough to believe your crap.

Maybe Colbert needs to attend a Trump rally. Maybe he will see the unbelievable enthusiasm, the people standing for hours and hours and hours outside in the cold and the rain, and then standing for the entire time the president is speaking, supporting his agenda.

Adapted from Sean Hannity’s monologue on “Hannity” on February 13, 2019.