Sean Hannity: The mainstream media falls in love with - and provides cover for - Beto O'Rourke. Sound familiar?

Over a dozen 2020 presidential hopefuls have already thrown their hats in the ring. Many more are expected to declare before the year's end. Late last week, former failed senatorial candidate Robert Francis O'Rourke, otherwise known as "Beto," announced his candidacy.

The mainstream media fell in love with Beto. Do you feel like you kind of have a deja vu here? Almost like we've seen this kind of cheerleading from the supposedly unbiased mainstream media before? We did. Back in 2008, they were in love with Barack Obama, thrills up the leg and everything.

Now, this love affair persisted for eight long years and beyond. It was so bad, this program was one of the very few shows to actually do the real vetting of future president of the United States, Barack Obama. Remember, on "Hannity," we showed you Obama's ties to the radical, unrepentant Weather Underground domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.


We revealed the true nature of Obama's longtime pastor of 20-plus years, Jeremiah Wright, and the church of "godd--n" America, rooted in black liberation theology -- and Frank Marshall Davis, and ACORN, and Saul Alinsky, and community organizing.

And now, it is, once again, up to us to vet the 2020 candidates. Our predictions of a failed Obama presidency rooted in these radical views turned out to be more accurate than we would've wished for, for our country. If the media had done its job, America might have avoided that disaster. They were Obama's cheerleaders every single day, even on the ridiculous $150 billion Iranian deal.

Well, we can see history is repeating itself. For example, look at the latest controversy surrounding Reuters and Robert Francis O'Rourke. On Friday, we learned that one of their reporters sat on an embarrassing story about O'Rourke's time as a renegade for two years until after his hotly contested race with Ted Cruz. In fact, the reporter, Joseph Menn, entered into an agreement with Beto to delay his damning story, so long as O'Rourke granted him the interview.


If it seems like the mainstream media and Democrats work together to win elections as one team, that is because they actually do. So-called journalists like Joseph Menn shield Democrats from embarrassment by spiking or delaying certain reports, all while sticking it to President Trump every second, every minute, every hour of every day, no matter how shaky the story, how weak the sourcing, if there even is any sourcing.

Menn's report in Reuters has been published, and its contents are downright shocking. According to multiple outlets, as a teenager, O'Rourke helped found one of America's oldest hacking groups, called "The Cult of the Dead Cow." During his time in the hacking community, Beto and his online friends stole video games, stole long distance phone service for his dial-up modem, and engaged in various other hacking efforts in the 1980s. He went by the name "Psychedelic Warlord."

Beto also frequently posted unusual, bizarre, strange, frightening writings on group message boards, including classifying certain women as "sluts." "Ultra trendies are usually the scene sluts that many menfolk admire so," he apparently once wrote.


And O'Rourke, aka Psychedelic Warlord, wrote the best way to deal with these girls was tell them that they are ugly. He also posted a violent, bizarre murder fantasy, writing, "One day as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street and as I neared the young ones, I put all of my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of two children on the hood and the sharp cry of pain from one of the two."

The mainstream media fell in love with Beto. Do you feel like you kind of have a deja vu here? Almost like we've seen this kind of cheerleading from the supposedly unbiased mainstream media before? We did. They were in love with Barack Obama, thrills up the leg and everything.

Pretty sick, ugly, twisted, dark story. To be fair, Robert Francis was much younger at the time of this disturbing publication. But I ask this question: I wonder if the media, the left, will follow the Kavanaugh standard for Beto O'Rourke. Remember when they pored through Justice Kavanaugh's high school yearbook, all in an attempt to disqualify him from the Supreme Court?

That's not going to happen to Beto. That is just their standard for conservatives -- there is one standard for liberals, another standard for conservatives. In fact, this report about Beto has barely made a dent in the traditional news cycle.

Over the weekend, O'Rourke offered this heartfelt apology. Naturally, in the hypersensitive Democratic Party, O'Rourke was also forced to issue several other apologies, including about a joke about his wife raising their children, and, of course, his white privilege. Here we go. Yet another weak Democrat starting with apology tours.

But there is bad news for "Bozo" Beto - the crowd in the Democratic field is about to get even bigger.

Over the weekend, former vice president, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, accidentally announced his run for president. Then he took it back. This is not uncommon for him. This is the same guy who said, 'You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.' And he once referred to Barack Obama as "clean and articulate."

Whether or not gaffe-prone Biden actually runs for president, he's using his public status much like the Clintons to rake in millions. From six-figure speaking gigs to seven-figure book deals, Crazy Uncle Joe is turning his humble public service into a gold mine.

If he runs, Biden would be just the latest Democrat to engage in class warfare politics, all while sitting on top of a mound of cash and the worst record of any political team, him and Obama, that we've seen in our lifetime.

Adapted from Sean Hannity's monologue from "Hannity" on March 18, 2019.